How Digital Shower Controls Can Soothe Both Your Wallet and Your Nerves

by Janie Schriewer 09/19/2021

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If you want to take a nice hot shower, all you have to do is turn on the water, set the pressure and hop in. But would you believe that there’s a way to take a simple shower to the next level? It’s true. All you need is a digital control panel hooked up, and you’re well on your way to enjoying the most rejuvenating shower of your life. Even better news? New home builders are putting these control panels into modern residences more often than not. Here’s everything you need to know about this awesome device.

What is a Digital Shower Control Panel?

When you have a shower connected to a digital panel, you get complete control over your bath time experience. Using the dials, buttons or just your voice, you can set an exact temperature, pressure and light hue.

Then, you can decide if you want to just use the showerhead or bring jet tiles and rain panels into the mix. Finally, you can choose the music you’d like to play to make your shower truly rejuvenating. If you have a voice control model, you can even make changes on the fly to optimize your experience.

Shower Control Panel Benefits

Although you can get plenty clean in an ordinary shower, a control panel makes it an experience to remember. You’ll delight in the comfort and convenience it affords and vow to never go back, especially after enjoying the following benefits.

Enjoy the Perfect Shower Experience

If you like to have the water temperature and pressure just right and don’t want to compromise on perfection, digital shower control panels are right up your alley. As you switch between the settings, you can see what suits your fancy and gauge how it improves your skin, hair and overall sense of wellbeing. You’ll likely even feel the stress melt away as you let the water wash your worries away.

Store Custom Settings for Each Person

Once you have your perfect preferences dial in, you can save them for later use. With that move, you just have to let the control panel know that you’ve arrived, and it will pull up those settings once again. You will never again have to guess at what you might like since it’ll be all saved for your later enjoyment. Many panels even let you store up to six presets, so your whole household can get in on the fun.

Pump Up the Jams for True Stress Relief

Digital shower control panels hook up to waterproof speaker tiles, so you can play all your tunes while you wash the day away. Playing music often helps relieve stress even more, helping you get the most out of every shower. You can even play podcasts and other media to stay in touch with what’s going on in the world if that’s more your style.

Save Water and Money on Utility Bills

When you don’t have to stand around and test the temperature for several minutes each shower, you can use less water each time and save money on your utility bills. The use of additional spray jets can also help you get clean faster, further reducing your water usage if you’re mindful about how long you’re in there.

How to Move Through the Control Panel Settings

Digital control panels have intuitive controls that make it easy to dial in your settings and save them for later. If you need a little help setting up your presets, you can just use the manual provided by your home builder. You can also contact the device manufacturer with your questions if you need additional insights.

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