Affordable home renovations for your home's comfort

by Janie Schriewer 11/19/2023

Home improvements are made to improv your quality of life and your home's potential values. While there is no wrong way to approach home renovations, consider the following recommendations.

1: Replace loose heating and venting registers

Loose and inexpensively made heating and venting registers have a way of rattling just enough to bother homeowners. But they also tend to fall down the to-do list because the noise is not necessarily consistent. However, many homeowners report an added feeling of relief when they repair these registers. They also feel better about the room's aesthetic.

2: Install pull-out drawers in low kitchen cabinets

Lower cabinets seem to attract clutter and disorder in unprecedented ways. How many times has someone knelt on the floor and had to rifle through a mess of pots, pans, gadgets and out-of-place items? Pull-out drawer systems generally reduce the usable space in lower cabinets. However, employing them strategically allows convenient access to more commonly used items without getting on the floor to do so.

3: Install motion-sensor light switches

Fumbling in the dark to find a light switch and the rising utility bills from accidentally leaving them on might dampen a household's quality of life. Changing standard switches out for motion-detecting varieties solves both of these problems. Some of the better quality upgrades also come with dimming capabilities.

4: Upgrading to smart thermostat systems

Smart technology has been a veritable game-changer regarding quality of life enhancements. One popular home improvement involves merging these innovations into heating and cooling systems. Homeowners can set the inside temperature from most smart phones and devices connected to the internet. Smart thermostats also help lower energy usage and reduce the stress associated with higher heating and cooling bills.

5: Install an overhead bathroom heat lamp

One of the least pleasurable at-home experiences involves taking a bath or shower during the cold winter months. In the morning, full bathrooms sometimes feel more like an ice chest than a place for personal hygiene. The good news is an overhead heat lamp can completely reverse this negative experience.

It's essential to hire a licensed electrician to install a heat lamp, however. Integrating an electric unit to generate heat can result in a fire if not professionally installed. But once the unit is in place, household members can turn on a timer switch and enjoy a warm and comfortable bathroom experience.

Although these home renovation ideas may not necessarily result in an uptick in property value, they can make being at home far more enjoyable. Sometimes it's okay to invest in a little personal pampering.

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